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Meet Our Founder

Welcome Home! I am so glad that you came to visit our website!

I am Dr. Roberts, founder and director of The Covenant Crèche, at Macedonia Tabernacle Ministries.

I appreciate you taking a moment to get to know me, it

is a pleasure to meet you! Please take a look at my brief

biography to learn more of who is serving you and your


Dimitria Roberts CEO

Dr.  Roberts

Founder and Director

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About Us

Covenant Crèche is a learning palace to talent acquisitions, and an academy to nourish the learning vessels to a treasury of academic discoveries.

Covenant Crѐche is an affiliate of 5th Covenant Restoration Educational Services LLC. 5th Covenant Restoration Educational Services provides a plethora of services for students needs. The company was established on January 17, 2018. New acquisitions were developed on January 17, 2020, with the expansion of the business to daycare and early learning services.  This was the birth date of Covenant Crѐche. Covenant Crѐche has such a historical and personal meaning in the words as a service to children.

The word Covenant means an agreement of keeping promises to and for children. Crѐche is a special word to the foundation of this organization’s mission. It has a trifold and multi-national meaning that encompasses the mission of this child care center. Crѐche is a word that represents the nativity scene of infant Jesus in the North American definition. In the British, it has the meaning of a nursery of where infants and children are cared for during the day.

These words combined creates an early learning center with an intricate relationship to the meaning and purpose for the development and fulfillment of the children that are being served.


The Logo

The logo of the flying treasure box is inspired by the Ark of the Covenant. The treasure box represents the ark, and the wings represents angelic wings, from the Biblical Ark of the Covenant. This logo is called the Children’s Chests of Covenants. It is such a pure vessel that carried so many blessings that is inspired by the purposefully intricate in details of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant. Through this logo, it is the intent to provide a visual experience of perspective of the significance in teaching and instructing the children on the ways of life and learning to reveal the secrets of knowledge for the benefits of the adults of tomorrow.

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  • Founded as 5th Covenant Restoration Academy in 2018 in affiliation with Macedonia Tabernacle Ministries, in 2021 5th Covenant Restoration was rebranded as The Covenant Crѐche. The Covenant Crѐche is a growing learning center, proudly serving your local community, servicing diverse populations of students over the years, in a centralized location of Central, Virginia- conveniently located by Universities, Schools, hospitals, government facilities, corporate sites, and office parks.



  • We offer childcare and early education services to children from ages 12 months through 12 years. Highly trained, dedicated directors, teachers, and staff are present every day to ensure your child’s well-being and to guide them on their journey. Our homelike setting and safe, secure environment make our center the perfect place for children to play, laugh, and discover.

  • The Covenant Crѐche is sponsored with spiritual support through Macedonia Tabernacle Ministries, a local religious and community organization pioneer within the village of Ettrick, Virginia. Covenant Crѐche is the first within the community to provide education services in collaboration with other local-community organizations that desire to grow and develop the citizens of tomorrow.


Inside Our Center

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