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We, the Covenant Crèche are essentially established in a prime area of Virginia, locally known as Virginia’s RVA and Tri Cities areas. These specific areas encompass cities, towns, and counties, such as Colonial Heights, South Chesterfield, Chesterfield, Chester, Petersburg, Ettrick, Dinwiddie, Prince George, Hopewell, and many other places.

associated with communities within Virginia’s tri-cities and RVA area. Macedonia tabernacle Ministries has been a part of the local communities for over 30 years, since its founding in 1985. Macedonia Tabernacle Ministries is founded on Biblical principles, believing in the full Bible. Macedonia Tabernacle has been demonstrating servantship faithfully as example of ministries to our community.

We, the Covenant Crèche receive various support from the ministry of Macedonia Tabernacle Ministries, such as governing guidance in educational support to further develop the citizens of tomorrow, this is inclusive to values and mores.More information can be found on our community neighbor’s webpage and social media accounts.

Macedonia Tabernacle Ministries


  • Employer solutions

    • Employer Tuition Subsidy

      • Guaranteed Spaces

    • Back-Up Care

    • Onsite Child Care

    • Child Care Tuition Discount

Giving Back

Back to the kids. How does viewing giving efforts as a drop in the bucket affect the way we teach our kids? Now, how does knowing that the small efforts of individuals all over the world have added up to tremendous progress change the way we teach our kids?

Joyful giving, the kind of giving that comes feels useful, is far better than guilty giving. It becomes fun to think about. It becomes easier to consider give strategically over time, rather than frantically at the end of the year. It becomes part of a happy life, not an obligation, which is a moral founded as a Biblical Principal in many verses of scripture, such as 2 Corinthians 9:6-8.

When we begin to teach our kids about giving back, let’s try to give them an accurate world view. The world is not full of helpless people just waiting for our barely adequate charity. Rather, hard-working people are providing for themselves and their families, and our respectful efforts can equip them to do that.

There are many different types of giving that you can find throughout your local communities, environments and throughout the world. We, the Covenant Creche believe in developing the whole person. Research states that giving develops character and allows for character development and growth in the areas of empathy, sympathy and emotional intelligence and sensitivity. It is our due diligence to allow for learning to become authentic, which is only done through real- world applications and solutions of community involvement. Therefore it is imperative to teach children to become the adults of tomorrow that will create a world for the children of the future through giving in servant leadership.
There are at least five ways that this ALMS Education can be practiced, which will be a part of our, The Covenant Creche’s Instructional Foundation, which are:


  • Percentage Tributes

This is a educational mindset that helps develops the thoughts of harvest and reaping or spending and saving. For example, teach the child to give to others in percentages, spend for themselves in percentages,and save for themselves and others in percentages from the harvest of monies that they may have received through allowances, ect. An optimal percentage to begin with is ten percent in their finances.

  • Food Share Tributes

This applies to food donations, as well. The child can practice donating a percentage of the amount of the cost of their food to another.

  • Environment Tributes

This applies to donating to other habitats found within our ecosystems and environments. It would be a fun treat for a child to get involved with various environments found right in our backyard.

  • Donation Tributes

Repurposing is such a trendy opportunity to educate children on sharing to others in need and the perspective of recycling everyday items that he or she may no longer need.

  • Time -tenth Tributes

Before there was money, there was time. Time is a classic and dependable way to teach ALMS education. Allowing your child to volunteer their time will surely encourage character development to its full potential. It is optimal to calculate in percentages how much time do they want to give. The time-tenth tributeis integral that it relates to all other components of ALMS Education and can be easily integrated into other components.

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