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Assistant Learning Architect Positions

Job Description:

  • Assist Lead Learning Architect in assessing children academic levels, strengths, weaknesses and learning styles Interacts with children and encourages their involvement in activities

  • Help to provide a warm, safe, and caring environment that is kept orderly, clean and appealing

  • Assist Lead Learning Architect with planning,preparing and implementing daily activities(indoor/outdoor) as they relate to the curriculum

  • Assist Lead Learning Architect in properly guiding children and assists children in developing

  • Maintains good communication with other staff members and parents on a daily basis

o Qualifications
1. Show evidence of Christian Practice (membership in a Christian church) and ability to communicate theGospel.
2. Meet all health requirements (neg. tb test, etc.)
3. Submit to Background, Physical, and all HealthStandards check as required by the Department ofVirginia’s Child Care Services.
4. Exhibit a personality that demonstrates excellentinterpersonal skills to relate well with students, staff,administration, parents, and the community.
Some knowledge preparing, and implementing weeklylesson plans (and open to learning how to preparelesson plans)
Must be certified: First Aid, CPR and AED
Must have completed 10 Hr Pre-Service Training, 3 HrHealth and Safety Training and provide training certificates
minimum 1 year of experience and/or postsecondarycoursework
6. Virginia’s Department of Early Education and CareLead Teacher certification (or initiation of suchcertification) preferred.
7. Strong communication and leadership skills.
8. Experience teaching with preschool aged children.
9. Enthusiasm to embrace and contribute to theCovenant Creche’s culture.
10.Flexibility and the desire to plan and problem solvewith a team. 
o Workplace Conditions

  • Caring for children can be physically demanding. TheLearning Architect may be lifting and carrying childrenand equipment, and may spend time sitting on the flooror child sized furniture. The Preschool Teacher will beexpected to clean and maintain equipment and facility,and may move throughout the community withchildren. The Preschool Teacher may come in contactwith children who are ill and/or contagious, and musttake precautions to ensure the health and safety of allchildren, parents, staff and themselves. 

o Environmental Conditions

  • The Assistant Learning Architect will be working in abusy and occasionally noisy environment. There may bea number of activities and situations happening at once,and the Preschool Teacher will have to supervise allchildren at all times. In addition, the Preschool Teacherwill be exposed to a variety of weather conditions.

  ℹ   Please email for further information and application to apply within or contact the office at 804-526-9080

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